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Abbay Technical Services is dedicated to providing quality services. Our goal is to save you money, increase building comfort, and comply with California's Energy Code. 

Title 24 Calculations & Compliance

Our main service is providing Title 24 compliance documents for our clients. We excel in California's Energy Code and work with both Commercial and Residential jobs.

Building Energy Consulting

Even if you are not ready to get compliance documents completed, we are willing to schedule a meeting to go over design strategies that allow cost/energy savings.

Lighting Design Assistance

Lighting is a big part of the aesthetic in a home. It can completely change the mood in a building. We offer advise on the best strategies for lighting compliance while also maintaining the look you want.

BUILD Program

The BUILD program, also known as the Building Initiative for Low-Emissions Development, give guidance and incentives for new all-electric affordable housing. This program supports the transition to decarbonization in multifamily housing.

Rebate, Incentive, and Tax Credit Assistance

California is pushing for electrification and there are many incentives being offered to help with this. Both in new construction, additions, and remodels, there are many rebates and tax credits that can be taken advantage of.

Heating & Cooling Loads

With all of our Title 24 documents, we include a heating and cooling load report. We take into account all aspects of the building to get an accurate load calculation which in turn allows mechanical systems to be accurately sized.

California Utility Allowance Calculator

CUAC is a program that provides an estimate on what tenants will pay for utilities. It's used mainly for affordable housing new construction. Multifamily projects utilize this program to provide lower cost of living.

Title 24 Code Assistance

If you are getting ready to start a project or are curious about the Energy Code, Abbay Technical Services is willing to go over key points in the code which may have major effects on your project. We are here to educate and grow.

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