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How do I make compliance easier?

Qualified Products

 AHRI Certification Directory (  and MAEDBS Quick Search ( are two product directories where you can quickly lookup certified equipment and verify performance values.

Wall Water Heater
Stacks of Windows

Windows Matter!

Not only does the orientation and amount of glazing on a house matter, but the performance values do too! The two most important numbers to look for are the  U-Factor and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC).

House Frames

Continuous Exterior Insulation

 A continuous insulation wrap for your house is one of the best energy-saving measures that can be done. An exterior wrap is not mandatory by code, but it does greatly increase house efficiency and comfort. It can also act as a moisture and air barrier eliminating the need for other weather barriers.

Heat Pumps vs. Electric Resistance

California codes are pushing for electrification in homes. Often times, electric resistance systems are cheap and easy to install but that doesn't mean they comply! The California Energy Code is pushing for Heat Pump technology, not electric resistance.

Modern Living Room

HERS Verifications

Home Energy Rating System (HERS) is Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing done by a third party called a HERS Rater. Certain HERS testing is mandatory, and others are just helpful for compliance. These verifications are often used to show that projects are built to a certain standard and can offset other building features during the compliance process.

Air Duct
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