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Established in 1985 by William N. Abbay, Abbay Technical Services was founded with the objective of offering California Title 24 energy calculations and consulting services. In 1990, Anne M. McQueeney joined the team and apprenticed under Bill for 11 years until she acquired the business in 2001. Over the years, Anne conducted numerous energy calculations for residential and commercial buildings across all 16 climate zones in California. After a successful career, Anne has retired, passing the reins to her son, Anthony K. McQueeney, who now leads the office.


Since 2020, Anthony has been immersed in the intricacies of the Energy Code and has earned the certification of a both a residential and non-residential Certified Energy Analyst through the California Association of Building Energy Consultants. Abbay Technical Services will continue its commitment to providing accurate and invaluable T24 Services throughout the state of California.


At Abbay Technical Services, our primary focus is finding the most cost-effective approach to building design while adhering to California's energy code. We take our time to discuss options with our clients to guarantee accurate and efficient reports. We collaborate closely with architects, builders, contractors, developers, engineers, and homeowners, ensuring the necessary documentation is prepared for permit submittal. Effective communication plays a crucial role in the compliance process, and we make certain that all involved parties are well-informed throughout the duration of the project. We pride ourselves on having a customer service quality that goes unmatched.

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