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Residential Title 24

Both Single-Family and Multifamily fall into the residential category although they do have separate requirements. Whether the job is a new construction, an addition, or a remodel, the California Energy Code covers it all. We have done countless multifamily and single-family projects which included T24 documents, CUAC , load calculations, and much more.  We provide insight on cost savings, solar requirements, and efficient building design.

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Commercial Title 24

Commercial structures must also meet the requirements of the California Energy Code. Non-Residential and Residential standards are different, but they do have commonalities. Building an efficient space for commercial use will have long term benefits for the property and the energy it uses. We've completed many different commercial projects including schools, banks, offices, warehouses, dentist offices, healthcare facilities, and more.  


Prescriptive Approach

Under the Title 24 Building Energy Standards, there is a set of requirements known as the prescriptive measures. Using this approach means that you must build specifically to what the prescriptive measures are for a certain California climate zone. This method allows for little to no flexibility.


Performance Modeling

The performance approach under the Title 24 Building Energy Standards allows for much more flexibility in building design than the prescriptive. With this method, we can take tradeoffs between building components.  This is considered the more favorable of the two methods as it has the better potential for assembly customization and cost savings.


Mandatory Measures

Regardless of whether the prescriptive or performance method is used, every project is required to follow Title 24 mandatory measures. All building components have specific requirements that must be met in order to comply with the energy code. This includes insulation, mechanical, plumbing, ventilation, lighting, and all applicable controls. These requirements cannot be avoided.

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